AZJ MEDICAL LABO is a laboratory developping ans selling cosmeceutical products with actives 100% natural ingredients approved by multiple scientist studies. 

Natural solution

Made in our laboratory, our fabrication process is pure and 100% natural. The making of our colloidal silver is made by 99,99% certified silver electrodes and ultra pure water.

Efficient solution

Colloidale silver is, according to Dr. Magrad, is a powerfull antiseptic, taking care of more than 650 pathogens. Generally, it can be used of infectious diseases (microbes, virus, bacteria or fungi).

environmentally friendly

After buying any of our product, we provide you a refill service. Your bottles will be cleaned and disinfected. Then our team will refill them.

Stable solution

AZJ MEDICAL LABO propose colloidal silver in amber glass bottle to make it durable.